About us

Nik Elektro Inc.

Nik-Elektro Inc. is a successful company in the area of retail and wholesale of electrical material with top quality project designing, production, and installation of electrical wiring, lightning-conduct systems, video surveillance systems and alarm systems of protection. Successful and stable business and constant development is built on constant improvement of quality sales and services, with respect to delivery contract deadlines, partnership with suppliers and complete fulfillment of user and employee needs and expectations.
About us

Electrical installations

One of our specialized areas is sales of electrical material. Companies working on the installation of electrical material as well as individual buyers will be satisfied with our wide selection of merchandise. We also sell home and industrial installation equipment.

Electrical wiring testing

Nik Elektro Inc. deals with the development of expert findings (attestation) and lightning and electrical low voltage installation testing. We own verified instruments and certificates for every possible measuring necessary for attestation.

Lightning installation

For many years we have provided expert sales and installation of the lightning-conduct system in family houses, agricultural and industrial facilities and public buildings. We evaluate and do projects on the safest lightning installation that meet all the requirements.

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems have progressed a lot in the last couple of years as a way of protection and prevention. With the CCTV equipment price reduction, technology became available to broad masses and found its place in different conditions, from worker supervision to theft prevention.

LED lighting

We believe in the progress of technology and we introduce innovations that will change lighting systems in our environment. LED light bulbs are without competition when it comes to saving the electric energy, they stay cold, they are easy to maintain and easily embed into the contemporary design.

Smart home

You come home from work, tired. You use your cell phone to issue a command on your air-conditioning device, boiler starts heating up water and the microwave starts heating up your meal. You arrive home and everything is ready to bring you back to life quickly…


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