Every second a hundred lightning bolts hit our planet.
Nature is unpredictable, but we have a solution.
Protect your family, house, production facility, estate with modern early streamer emission
lightning protection systems made by”Sereli”,a French company.
– Lightning conduct system installation design
– Testing and measuring of lighting installation
– Installation of lightning system (internal and external)
Early streamer emission lightning protection systems
– Think about it on time. Be safe and sound. Protect your loved ones and your valuables.
We have more and more electronic devices in our homes, to make our lives comfortable.
Protect your TV, DVD, computer, printer and home cinema from unwanted natural
elements, so that you can enjoy your home completely.
In our range of merchandise, we offer switch cabinets, electrical installations and other
devices, a protection program from lightning.
We offer:
– Switchboard voltage arresters
– Overvoltage protection P5B-GR 5 outlet 230V
– Overvoltage protection for coaxial cable
– Overvoltage protection for UTP cat.5E line (2xRJ45)
We offer early streamer emission lightning protection system Sereli Skylance SL25, time of
precedence 40 microseconds.  25 Year guarantee, usage is unlimited.
The most qualitative French lightning system. All paperwork comes with device (certificate,
notarized translations, attestation)