What does it look like to live in a house or apartment that has a built-in smart system?
Try to imagine  these next few situations:smart-home
Scenario 1: You come home from work, tired. You use your cell phone to issue a command on your air-conditioning device to turn it on, boiler starts heating up water and the microwave starts heating up your meal. You arrive home and everything is ready to bring you back to life quickly.
Scenario 2: You press a button on your remote control when your partner rings the doorbell. The shades are lowered, the light is dimmed, and the CD player plays romantic music. With a single button, you have adapted your home for a romantic dinner with your date.
Scenario 3: You are on a vacation, but you are worried about your house safety. Every night, the lights inside your house turn on and off at different intervals, and from time to time TV or music device are turned on, the shades are lowered and raised. An observer thinks someone is always in the house, so you can relax and enjoy.
Scenario 4: When you turn in, the system automatically reduces the heating, turns off all the lights and locks the front door. An hour before you get up, the system turns on the water heater, the room temperature is raised and the lights turned on with light music in the background.
Scenario 5: There is a storm coming, and you are far from your house. With your mobile phone or PC, you can lower the shades on roof windows, sunshades close and the lights around the house turn on.
There is a large number of these examples and yet imagination and lifestyle determine their number and their usage.