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If we missed out on mentioning something from our wide range of merchandise the reason for that is so that we can catch a breath (the need for that is always during long sentences)so if you have a problem, and we haven’t mentioned it (for the said reasons), feel free to contact us!
Together, we can solve the problem to mutual satisfaction: Your problem is solved, and we have helped.
Anyway, everything we say and do is under complete moral and material obligation considering that we are full of age since 2019.
● Nik Elektro was born on 2nd  September 2001 in Petrovac as a small sole trade business.
With a clear and curious attitude towards the future, Nik-Elektro has shown signs of outstanding potential and untamed energy. Cousins, godparents, and friends couldn’t agree on who it took after but they all agreed on the fact that is will have a brilliant future and clearly projected success in the years to come.
That is exactly how it played out!
● In 2004, already a growing business, Nik-elektro was registered as Inc.
● In 2005, hungry for new challenges, Nik-elektro expands its activity! Beside the retail of electric material, the company starts to do project design of electrical installations and lightning conduct systems.
The more areas it discovered, the more new and secretive challenges encouraged the imagination and inspired creativity.
Encouraged by an inner impulse, the company starts examining and testing electrical wiring (expands the number of  experts and employees);
starts doing projects and installing video surveillance;
And then we realize that our potential is too big for Petrovac, so we expand our activity in all directions!
● In 2014, the company opens a new store in Smederevska Palanka!
● In 2015, another store opens in Smederevo and another one in Velika Plana!
● That is, of course, no surprise for those who know the company well, since in 2012 it received a grant for further development from the Economy and regional development ministry within the energy efficiency project.
● In 2017 and 2018, Nik-Elektro, guided by the idea of working faster, better and more (especially more) enlarges its number of vehicles by buying two hydraulic basket cranes of 10 and 14 meters height range! In this way, this ambitious and restless young company provides its associates with a wide range of demands which the company is able and willing to meet.
That’s right, during 2018 and 2019, the company has done a complete replacement of street lighting with LED lights in some of the municipalities in Serbia within the energy efficiency program.
As time goes by, Nik-Elektro becomes more and more mature and successful business-wise and private-wise. We mentioned already that our family is expanding, building the future with its activities.
Today, Nik-Elektro as a serious and mature company which does business based on the principles od contemporary business communication, sticking to procedures and manuals while coordinating legal regulatory and European norms in an attempt to achieve excellence and top quality. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as Excellent are the three certificates implemented at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019 (we are working on acquiring the new   ISO 45001:2018 related to safety and health at work).
Beside the mentioned elements of modern business implemented in its work, Nik-elektro communicates with associates and business partners with a lot of attention based on respect, trust, consistency, and understanding as the most stable and safest cooperation. Thas is the reason for a large number of satisfied clients and associates where constant development is always present, and the cooperation is never interrupted. It is best for associates to express their opinion themselves, and they can do so on our website because there is a comment section where they can write about their experience with our company. In the end, dear friends come to meet us and see for yourselves the truthfulness of our statements.
Because, when you come, you will see:

● that we offer our buyers quality, good deals, short term delivery, even delivery of small quantities of merchandise.
● Our relationship with the buyers is based on mutual trust and respect! We dedicate our time to carefully meeting all the requests and wishes and we are always ready to be fully engaged in the process.
● The result of such a relationship presents the fact that our buyers and associates always come back and that confirms our goal-unreserved satisfaction of buyers and associates-friends.
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Nik-Elektro Inc. located in Srpskih vladara no.338, Petrovac na Mlavi
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