Video surveillance systems have progressed a lot in the last few years.

With the CCTV equipment price reduction, technology became available to broad masses and found its place in different conditions, from worker supervision to theft prevention.

Modern surveillance systems can record and guard everything that happens inside and outside of your production facilities, business space and home, and all the photos recorded digitally are stored in the central device of the video surveillance system- DVR or PC.

Video surveillance system has a double effect:

  • preventive, it acts psychologically on potential theft or discipline violation and reduces attempt percentage.
  • protective, after a theft or any sort of law violation a video recording can be used as proof based on which the culprit can be identified.

Video surveillance systemsboth are necessary because the basic purpose of this system is theft prevention, and if the theft occurs, it is possible to identify the culprit and help the police with the investigation.  We use video surveillance for production process supervision, machine operation, facilities, store and warehouse merchandise, exhibits, vehicle entrance and exit, loading and unloading of merchandise, workers in companies, sick people in intensive care, visitors, animal farm supervision.

Special attention should be dedicated to appropriate equipment selection and correct positioning. The best-selected equipment will not provide the best protection necessary if it is positioned incorrectly and it will be a waste of money. That is why the selection and installation of video surveillance system equipment should be left to professionals. Video surveillance can be momentary if those kinds of monitors are used and there is a person observing the monitors or it can be subsequent when you watch the pre-recorded material. To save space, the recording device (HDD) uses a motion detector. Motion detector is a software algorithm that compares momentary photo with the previous one and if there is a difference the recording begins. The recording lasts while there is motion detected, and it stops when the motion stops. The companies with LAN equipment can do surveillance from any computer in the network (with access approval password). Surveillance is possible with ISDN, ADSL, wireless or cable Internet (with public IP address provided).