Ionizing light bulbs are very economic and long-lasting bulbs, they are cheaper than regular light bulbs because their durability is longer. Ionizing light bulbs look like regular bulbs only they use negative ions to clear the air. They remove smoke, dust, smells, pollen, allergens, and pet smells.  Despite the diligent housewives ‘ home maintenance some rooms often pick up unpleasant smells over time, especially if you have animals in the house. Air fresheners only hide the smells, they don’t remove them.
jonizujuce_sijaliceThe ratio between positive and negative ions should be around 49%-51%. Air-conditioning, heating, synthetic fibers from clothes and furniture, computers -they all reduce the amount of negative ions. So ionizing light bulbs produce negative ions to make that ratio normal. As a result, you get a benefit from them, especially people with asthma or pollen allergy. Negative ions influence the mental awareness and health. The bulbs are easily installed into standard sockets and their installation is simple.